My Little Black Dress

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For the past two years I?ve trained for charity challenges ? the for the Percy Hedley Foundation and the for the Tiny Lives Trust. The shirt is?100% cotton so feels great on my skin and as an?eczema sufferer this is very important to me. Unfortunately you aren?t going to see me wearing one, haha. I like a shirt to fit me well on my chest and shoulders and this certainly did that, it was a great fit. ? If you?re after a new Christmas shirt, I?d highly recommend Mainline Menswear. It?s a term used by people who are wanting to either lose weight and/or tone up to fit into their Christmas party dress. This year will involve a challenge something along the lines of the 12 Pubs of Christmas! I?ll definitely be keeping an eye on my fitness though. I never train on Christmas day, to be honest I?ll probably take a full week off. ? I wish you all the best and I hope you fit into your little black dress or shirt! ? Stay fit, stay healthy. It?s all too easy to curl up on the sofa, watch TV and eat chocolates all day though. They have top brands available at great prices. Delivery was top notch too! They don?t have any little black dresses but they do have designer jeans, t-shirts, jumpers, jackets, footwear and several accessories.It?s what some women refer to as their little black dress. I?m hoping with the addition of Yogi, we?ll be doing more walking over the festive period. ? Christmas is normally the time of year where we feel relaxed and let our hair down in terms of our health and fitness. ? Every Christmas I treat myself to a new shirt and this year I turned to Mainline Menswear and their?Ralph LaurenLong Sleeved Custom Fit Shirt In French Navy

It comes with a silicone watch band and a magnet, and there is even a pendant available for purchase so you can wear it like a necklace. Jawbone Up24 This lightweight wristband (think more ?bracelet? than ?watch?) is one of the more stream-lined, stylish options, although it?s up to the user whether the lack of interface will be a hindrance or a bonus. It depends on what features you?re looking for: for example, if you?re a swimmer, you would need something completely waterproof. ? Its small frame comes in a silicone case that can be clipped onto your clothing, making this a good option if you want a more discreet gadget. And while its matte finish is on trend, this might pose a problem for those getting active in direct sunlight, as it makes the interface incredibly hard to read. Basis Carbon Steel Edition Although this has been criticised for being bulky and heavier than some of the other models on the market, the Basis Carbon Steel Edition is comfortable and easy to use because, unlike the Jawbone Up24, the Basis has an interface with buttons that allow the user to toggle between data. Misfit Shine Definitely the most stylish device, the Misfit Shine looks and feels like an aluminium coin, with no buttons, screens, or charge ports. ?It?s completely waterproof, making it ideal for swimmers, and lasts up to four months on a single battery. Withings Pulse Ox Called the ?Pulse Ox? in Europe and the ?Pulse O2? in the US, this slim gadget can be slipped into and out of a watch strap, making it one of the more versatile options out there. It comes with a smaller price tag ? ?50 compared to the standard ?100 and above ? and can perform many of the same functions: steps taken, calories burned, and distance travelled. ? One of the best selling points for the Jawbone Up24 is its sleep tracking system:? the alarm system vibrates you awake when you are in light sleep, not deep sleep, for a more polite wake-up call. ? That being said, this device has a ton of amazing features, including a heart rate monitor, pedometer, sleep tracker, and the ability to measure blood oxygen levels, which might be a bonus for those with asthma or other respiratory limitations. ? There are so many different models available, so in an effort to narrow things down, we?ve compiled a list of our top 5 wearable devices. It is both sweat- and water-resistant, but not completely liquid-proof, and lasts about 7 days on a full charge. Plastic Logic CEO Indro?Mukerjee calls wearable technology ?the next frontier in consumer electronics. ?In addition to its fitness and sleep tracking functions, this device also has sensors to monitor heart rate and sweat levels. ? The downside to this is its wireless capability: in order to sync your data to the mobile app, you have to physically place your Misfit Shine on the surface of your smartphone.Whether you?re looking for motivation to start training for the marathon or you want to improve your sleeping pattern, fitness trackers are here to help. And all of the data collected is synced via Bluetooth to your Android or iPhone, so you can continually view your progress. ? That being said, not all wearables are created equal and it will take a bit of research to find the one that?s right for you. Or if you like to use an exercise bike, you would need a device that will accurately track a more stationary workout. This could be a hassle for those that like to transmit their data on the go. However, this interchangeability means that the Withings Pulse Ox is not waterproof. ? And we can anticipate even more from Basis Band: they are releasing the Basis Peak in November, and it looks like they are trying to slim down from the previous model. ? These gadgets ? a watch, bracelet, or clip ? can perform a range of tasks aimed at helping you get healthy, like recording your steps, counting your calories, measuring heart rate and blood oxygen levels, and monitoring your sleeping schedule. FitBit Zip For those looking to ease slowly into the world of wearable tech, the FitBit Zip might be a safer bet

Thanks for reading,. ? I love this app because it?s easy to setup. I?ve had issues with the GPS signal in the past but it works 99% of the time. I highly recommend these apps! Full Fitness If you?re after a large collection of various exercises that hit various parts of the body, I can highly recommend Full Fitness from iFitness Pro.I?m currently running an iPhone 5C in bright green. Yes, bright green! I even bought a clear hard case for it so you can still see the bright green. I love this personal touch as some apps I?ve used in the past only show animated exercises or a single graphic. ? Look out for more apps from Samuel Pont Training including Grappling Fitness and Kettlebell Fat Loss Workouts. Bright green are my company colours you see. Walkmeter Our family does lots of walking. This is definitely an all-in-one app that gives great value for money. We?ve just welcomed Yogi (the Hungarian Vizsla) into our family so we walk even further now! Walkmeter uses your GPS to track your route and it times your walk, counts calories and it works out your pace and splits. For more information and to download the app, . As a fitness fan, I download fitness apps all the time, much to my Wife?s annoyance! I?ve wanted to do a post on my top 4 Fitness Apps for some time so here they are and in particular order. ? I?m happy with my iPhone right now, although I?ve considered other phones like the Samsung Galaxy S5 in the past. Kettlebell Muscle Workout was created by Brighton PT Samuel Pont. They offer hundreds of video demonstrations, comprehensive graphing, to track your progress and the ability to customise your own stretches and exercises. If you?re like me, I love to see the days I?ve trained. 7 Minute Workout When I first heard the name of this app I thought of ?Something About Mary? and the ?6 Minute Abs? scene. Kettlebell Muscle Workout I know I said above ?in no particular order? but I can?t ignore the fact that this app is my favourite of the four. Thankfully, the concept of this app isn?t about miracle abs in six minutes! 7 Minute Workout allows you to select various exercises, begin your workout, track your results and achievements and it also gives you your own activity calendar. As you can see from the screen grabs below, you select which kettlebell workout you?d like and it takes you to a live video of Samuel performing the exercise. Simply set away the app, turn off your phone and walk

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